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    Atlas Pearls Alyui farm


    The Atlas Pearls Alyui operation is our most remote farming venture. Located within the coral triangle of East Indonesia, its remote location means it remains one of the world’s most biodiverse marine eco-systems providing an almost unrivalled snorkelling or diving experience.

    Raja Ampat meaning ‘Four Kings’ in Indonesian consists of four main islands Waigeo, Misool, Salawati and Batanta. From here the area is comprised of thousands of smaller islands throughout. Atlas Pearls is located closest to the Waigeo island.

    The closest harbour and airport is Sorong, located on the western point of the island of New Guinea, it is largest city of West Papua and the gateway to Indonesia’s Raja Ampat islands.



    Private or Charter Boat

    The pleasure and ease of travelling on your own private or chartered boat is that you can travel the islands of this region at your leisure. Your captain will be able to include a stop off at our Alyui Bay farm in your itinery on your request. Our farm and showroom are open by appointment so contact them ahead of time.


    Alternatively you will need to fly to Sorong which is served by Dominique Edward Osok Airport. Flights are available from Bali and Jakarta. From Jakarta there is a daily non-stop flight sometimes two during high season, with a flight time of 4 hours. There are no non-stop flights from Bali so this flight requires an 8-10 hour stop-over in Makassar.

    Once you arrive in Sorong, use a taxi or car service to travel from the airport to the harbour where you can travel via ferry to the main island of Raja Ampat called Waisai. The ferry departs at 2pm daily and it takes approximately 2 hours to reach Waisai.

    Waisai is primarily a functioning transportation port with little to no other infrastructure and is not considered a tourist destination, however it functions as the key point for accessing the Raja Ampat islands. Booking accommodation in advance and boat transport to the surrounding islands is a must. Our farm and showroom are open by appointment so contact them ahead of time.



     When in Sorong and Raja Ampat there is plenty to see and do.

    Atlas Pearls Farm Tour and Showroom.

    Misool (scuba diving and snorkelling, lagoon and coral reef)

    Piaynemo (snorkelling)

    Gam (snorkelling)

    Kofiau (island)

    Cape Kri (scuba diving and snorkelling)

    Palau Yeben (snorkelling)

    Wayag (national park)

    Kali Biru (national reserve)

    Karawapop (island)

    Penem (island)



    Teluk Alyui, Distrik Waigeo Barat Daratan, Kabupaten Raja Ampat, Propinsi Papua Barat.

    TEL. 0251 7544455     WHAT'S APP +62 821 4457 3687   EMAIL

    OPENING HOURS - Open by appointment. Closed public holidays.


    Alyui pearl farm map

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