Pearl virtues
 Pearl Virtues - Every pearl is unique...
Understanding the virtues of a pearl means valuing their individuality.
Choosing your pearl is deeply personal and we believe they truly speak to the individual.
South Sea pearls are the largest of all pearl varieties and range from 8mm-20mm,
with the majority between 10-15mm.
Pearls are a living gem, even the most beautiful and valuable pearls may have slight imperfections.
The surface quality varies from clean to marked or spotted, and will influence their value.
Pearls are as individual and unique as we are.
From round to a romantic drop through to a modern button, there is a shape you will fall in love with that is personal to you.
Although shape does not affect the quality of a pearl, the demand for a particular shape does have bearing on a value.
Every pearl reflects colour in a different way.
Atlas offers South Sea pearls in gold, silver, white, silver-rose and white-rose.
The most popular colours of South Sea pearls are white or white with various coloured overtones.
The lustre is the soul of the pearl. This is the deep inner glow that gives the pearl its luminescence.
Lustre results when waves of light are reflected from different levels of a pearl's surface.


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