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    Atlas Pearls CSR programmes

    Atlas Pearls is committed to not only establishing a sustainable and ethical pearling operation but to enhancing the lives of the communities and the environment surrounding these facilities, including education & scholarships, medical assistance, employment and training, environmental rehabilitation and community support.

    Due to the remote nature of our farming operations, the support of the local communities is critical to ensure the future success of each farm. 

    Atlas Pearls CSR team, monitors the requirements of these communities and environments. Tasked with identifying local needs and opportunities, ensuring the on-going support within these core areas, documenting and measuring the outcomes and success of each program.

    Atlas endeavours to deliver this support by leveraging existing Atlas infrastructure, extending current employee programs to the local communities and through employee leadership, lead and drive environmental awareness and programs. 


    Working with local communities to ensure access to on-going and quality education ensures the development of an educated and informed local community. Economic support is provided to local areas through both direct and in-direct employment together with support and training. Pearl farming is critically dependent on a pristine environment and is directly impacted by even the slightest change. On-going environmental improvements and education is vital to ensure the future health of the oysters and on-going pearl production. Positive interaction and supporting the local communities in the remote areas we operate in helps to ensure smooth on-going operations given the significant religious and cultural diversities. Maintaining a healthy workforce is critical. As a result of staff medical support we are also able to offer access to medical assistance to local, remote areas.



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