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    Atlas Pearls has an enviable reputation as a global leader in eco-pearling, specialising in the Pinctada maxima, producing beautiful and highly sought after silver and white South Sea pearls. 

    With 8 farms throughout some of the most remote areas of the Indonesian Archipelago together with leading breeding and hatchery facilities, Atlas Pearls is proud to be a non-extractive and sustainable agri-business.

    Over 4 years, from hatchery to harvest together with more than 3,000 hands are involved in the journey of each Atlas South Sea pearl.

    Giving Back

    Atlas Pearls operates in some of the most remote areas of the Indonesian Archipelago. Positive relationships with local councils, villages and communities is critical to the success of our farms.

    Through a variety of initiatives including employment and economy, education, environment, social and health, Atlas Pearls is able to make a positive impact on the local communities in the process of developing these relationships.

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