Diva Collection - HANNA2

The Merry Widow was the runaway hit of its period. The beauty of the music, the glamour of the setting and the effortless charm all combine to seduce the audience, just as the characters on stage seduce each other. You can almost taste the champagne as you immerse yourself in Hanna’s sumptuous Art Deco world. Yet at the heart of this work is a grounding force: Hanna and Danilo, who because of proud vanity, risk losing the great love of their lives - each other.

This story of glamour, seduction and love come together in the Hanna strands. Each strand is a subtle combination of mixed pastel, round Atlas South Sea pearls that will complement and make any diva shine.


COLLECTION  Diva - Hanna1
PRODUCT Strand (Opera length)
FINISH Invisible clasp
SIZING 24 inches
PEARL SIZE 10.4 - 14.4mm
PEARL SHADE Mixed Pastels South Sea pearls


South Sea pearls due to the natural process in which they are grown will have slight variation such as colour and inclusions. Please read our PEARL GRADES information carefully to best understand the different pearl types.


A pearls grade is determined by a combination of factors including the pearls surface, shape, shade and shine.

A Grade: The highest-quality pearl, with very high luster and only minor imperfections over less than 10% of its surface.

B Grade: High or medium luster. Surface may have some visible imperfections, but over no more than 30% of its area.

C Grade: Medium luster with surface defects over not more than 60% of the surface area.

SIZE : South Sea pearl sizes are the largest of all pearl varieties and range form 8mm - 20mm, with the majority being between 10mm and 15mm.

SURFACE : Pearls are a living gem. Even the most beautiful are valuable pearls may have slight imperfections. The surface quality varies from clean to marker or spotted and influences their value.


pearl shape reference

From left to right: Round (RD), Semi Round (SR), High Button (BH), Drop (DP), Button, Circle (CR), Baroque (BQ) and Keshi (KS)

SHADE : Every pearl reflects colour in a different way. The most popular colours of South Sea pearls are white, or white with various coloured overtones. Overtones can be almost any colour of the rainbow, and are derived from the natural colours of the nacre of the South Sea pearl oyster.

SHINE : The lustre is the soul of the pearl, a deep inner glow that gives the pearl its luminescence. Lustre results when waves of light are reflected from different levels of a pearl's surface.


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