Only one jewellery grade pearl is found for every 25,000 oysters harvested in the wild, making natural pearls
the most prized gem in history. 
A gem so rare that laws were passed in Europe during the renaissance prohibiting
anyone except royalty and brides at their wedding from wearing them.


When Venus, goddess of love and beauty rose from the sea, the drops of water that fell from her body scattered and became a thousand perfect pearls.


In Persia, pearls are called the ‘Tears of the Gods’.


During many Chinese dynasties, it was believed that pearls fell from the sky when dragons fought.


We now call the pearl the queen of gems, but once a pearl was known as the Gem of Queens for good reason… Cleopatra was so enamoured by these lustrous gifts


that she may well have convinced her lover, Julius Caesar to invade Britain to secure the Green Isles supply of the pearls.


Gone are the days where a single pearl strand could buy a building on Fifth Avenue in New York.

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