The Atlas story

With a 20 year long history in pearling, Atlas is a global leader in eco-pearling and one of the top producers of the highly sought after silver and white South Sea pearl, commonly known as the queen of all gems. Atlas South Sea pearls are harvested from five pearl farms extending through the Indonesian Archipelago to West Papua. Atlas has established and secured a solid and direct relationship with key pearl traders as well as leading global retailers and supplies major brand names and fashions houses on Fifth Avenue, New York and Place Vendome in Paris.

Atlas Pearls is an ASX listed company with its headquarters and flagship boutique in Perth, Western Australia. Atlas pearls and jewellery are available at our boutique in Seminyak as well as our farm stores in North Bali, and for the more adventurous, at Labuan Bajo, Flores and Alyui, Raja Ampat.

Each Atlas pearl is made of thousands of concentric layers of aragonite crystal deposited around a spherical nuclei carefully inserted into a host mother of pearl oyster by a skilled and inspired master grafter.


Over 3000 hands nurture the journey of an Atlas creation into yours. From the moment nature’s treasure is born until the finished product is delivered into the hands of the wearer, we infuse care, love and respect. It is the story of nature and passionate men and women working together harmoniously that will give each gem its unique lustre and orient, the inner glow or beauty from within.

'Nature's creation....from our hands to your heart'

Atlas multicultural staff


Atlas Pearls timeline


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