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    Labuan Bajo Atlas Pearls

    The Pinctada maxima oyster only grows in the most nutrient-rich waters, in the heart of the South Seas. This region stretches from south of China and Japan to north of Australia and from Vietnam in the west through to Papua New Guinea in the east. It is in this small pocket within the Indonesian Archipelago that the finest white and silver Atlas South Sea pearls are grown.

    More than 20 years ago, Atlas decided to establish its pearling operations right in the middle of this nutrient rich and diverse environment. Today Atlas operates six pearling farms throughout the Indonesian Archipelago, from the well known island of Bali to the remote Raja Ampat.

    Each pearl has a unique history encapsulating its four year journey, from hatchery to harvest. Consequently, almost like a human being, each pearl's virtues will reflect the influence of man and nature along the way.

    Atlas Pearls takes an environmentally friendly approach to business through the very nature of pearling itself where a pristine, healthy eco-system is of central importance to the oyster’s survival.

    Three of our working pearl farms are open to the public, this experience offers an incredible insight into village life and the beauty and diversity of the island. It is here you can meet the people behind our pearls. Find out more about visiting one of our pearl farms >


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