Mr Geoffrey Newman Chairman Atlas Pearls

B.Ec (Hons), M.B.A., F.C.P.A, F.A.C.D.Mr.

Newman brings more than 29years of experience from a range of finance, marketing and general managementroles in a range of industries. After a number of years as the manager of Bunnings’ pulpwood operations, Mr Newman joined Coogee Chemicals in 1995 as their Commercial Manager.

He was subsequently appointed to the Board as Finance Director in the following year. Between 1996 and August 2005, Mr Newman held positions of Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of both Coogee Chemicals and its oil and gas subsidiary, Coogee Resources.
Mr Newman is currently the Chairman of Ledge Finance Limited.
Mr Tim Martin Director Atlas Pearls

Non-Executive Director
B.A, M.B.A, G.M.A.I.C.D.

Mr Martin has over 15 years of experience in the chemical, manufacturing and property sectors in Australia and south-east Asia and is currently the Executive Chairman of Coogee Chemicals. He has experience in the resource sector as a Non-Executive Director of related company Coogee Resources, where he was also a member of their Risk and Audit Committee until the company was sold to PTTEP (the National Oil Company of Thailand). Tim is also a former Director of PACIA (Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association rebranded to Chemistry Australia) and a former Director of the Kwinana Industries Council.

Prior to this, Tim worked in the wholesale food manufacturing and distribution business in senior management positions, primarily servicing retail supermarket chains in Australia. He is also Director Principal of a private company specialising in commercial property development and leasing, with current projects in Port Hedland, Rockingham, and south Western Australia.

In 2013 Tim graduated Harvard University completing their OPM (Owner / President Management) Course.


Mr Pierre Fallourd Atlas MD

Managing Director
B.A, Executive M.B.A., G.A.I.C.D.

Mr. Fallourd is highly recognised in the pearl and jewelry industry for his role in developing and marketing Golden Pearls globally for over 15 years for Jewelmer.

Executive MBA 2005 Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. Business Graduate 1997 French Management School, Audencia, France.

Pierre is a specialist in managing the pearl value chain and maximising the use and value of each pearl harvested. Pierre is fundamental to Atlas’s cradle to cradle strategy of extracting and maximising all aspects of the pearl and its by-products.



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