Atlas derives most of its revenue from the sale of loose pearls in volume via private transaction or silent auction.
Atlas holds pearl auctions 3 to 4 times a year at the Japan Pearl Exporters Association (JPEA) in Kobe, Japan.

Atlas Pearls auctions are by invitation only. Reputable traders are invited to place silent bids on one or multiple lots of homogeneously graded loose pearls that they have inspected over two days. The best bids win if they exceed the undisclosed Reserve price. Purchased lots may then be subject to even finer grading and then matched for pairs or necklaces. They are then sold to the next tier of customers for further transformation and become part of a jewellery creation.

A significant volume of pearls produced worldwide transit via Japan and Hong Kong, the two leading pearl trading platforms, before they reach their final destination.The role of pearl traders has evolved over the years but remains crucial in structuring distribution and promotes trade stability by holding sufficient stock levels to service
wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers further downstream.


Buying pearls accurately and appropriately in bulk takes almost as many years of experience as it takes to produce them.

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